FoxTag is the best-of-class security system that has been designed to protect and combat shoplifting.

Today’s shoplifters are hyperconnected and information on how to defeat security tags is widely and publicly available on blogs, YouTube, and other platforms. Unfortunately, most current solutions are inefficient against the problem as detachers can easily be sourced. FoxTag security tags address the specific needs of our modern retail customers, as they can only be opened by a patented locking mechanism and power-operated auto-mechanical detacher, which cannot be purchased online.

Displace Criminals to Easier Targets

Impossible for shoplifters to open FoxTag with bootleg detachers bought online.

With reduced theft, more stock is available to be sold.

Your store staff can focus on customer service instead of dealing with potential theft attempts.

FoxTag Security Tag

  • Revolutionary and high security solution
  • Reduces stock theft by up to 60% when compared to traditional security tags
  • Cannot be removed by traditional detachers
  • Available in AM, RF and RFID technology

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Global Retailers Using FoxTag

Improving retail experience